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– Thanks for joining us, everybody. You’re not gonna wanna miss this topic. Randy, this is a sensitive topic. It couples in debt. And this is something that can make or break a couple. Tell me your experience and your advice on how couples can manage their finances?

– Over the last 30 years as a counselor, I’ve found myself as a credit counselor, a marriage counselor, a referee, and oh my God. We’ve dealt with everything there is, but it all comes down to one thing, it’s communication. You need communication in a relationship. It’s a team effort. That’s why it’s a relationship. You know, we’re not one person who can handle the finances and one person not know what’s going on.

– Do you find a lot of couples do that?

– Yeah, for some reason, it’s like the woman’s job, or this guy’s really good at it and she’s not. And the problem is she’s not doing what you know, and you’re not doing what she knows, and now you got yourself some debt issues that pop up that somehow separates the couples.

– Yeah, what about couples, okay… So do you recommend joint checking accounts and couples doing everything combining their finances together? ‘Cause, that’s sometimes troublesome.

– It’s not really just that. I actually want them to do it together. I mean, do it as a team. Sit down and look at the family budget together. Look at their overall situation. You should know what he’s going through and he should know what you’re going through. That way, you can help each other and not be the problem.

– Have you seen couples come in that were you know, close to divorcing over this, and then you’re able to help turn it around and it makes that much of a difference in their relationship?

– Well, the one thing they forget, is that they’re not communicating. And once you start to open the eyes of communication and how this really helps you go from left to right and solve the situation you’re in, that pressure takes off. Next thing you know, you’re realizing how you fell in love with that person again before.

– Aw.

– And that’s where you need to get back to, ’cause that’s what it’s all about.

– Well, and it’s almost like you’re a mediator in the role that you’re providing.

– Yeah, it wasn’t by choice.

– Well, it’s good information, something we have to address, and I thank you for sharing your insight.