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Don’t pay hundreds or even thousands to other agencies, let us help you consolidate for as little as $95.00.

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  • Qualify for student loan forgiveness
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With student loan debt reaching over a trillion dollars, millions of Americans are finding it harder and harder to meet their financial obligations. A Debt Coach can help you find solutions to those problems. Let one of our trained, experienced counselors review your student loan situation and provide you with options to resolve those debts in the shortest time possible for the least cost. All consultations are confidential and the initial consultation is free. Don’t delay and let the problems get worse, when in as little as five minutes a solution can be found that could save you thousands of dollars and give you relief from the stress you are feeling.

Our Experienced Financial Counselors can Help YOU…

  • Consolidate multiple loans into one payment
  • Reduce monthly payments
  • Remove default statuses
  • Stop Tax Offset
  • Prevent Wage Garnishment
  • Reduce Financial Stress

This is done through a four step process which can take from 4 to 12 weeks. First is an initial intake session where the consumers financial issues and goals are identified, and the needed qualifications are assessed. Second, data is collected from the consumer – along with any needed documentation – to complete the application process. Third, upon receipt of payment for services, the application is completed on the consumer’s behalf and submitted to underwriting for approval. Fourth, follow up is done with the consumer for approval or appeal depending on the outcome of underwriting.

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