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Why We’re Different

  • Yes! There are some shady financial companies pushing some scams and selling your debts but that’s not us! We’ll tell you why!
  • A Debt Coach is a non-profit credit counseling service that has been in business since 1992. We are grandfathered in and will still be operating the same exact way after December 2016, unlike many counseling companies who are not grandfathered in.
  • After December of 2006, we will still be able to process your credit cards and use ACH.
  • Our main goal is to get your life back and out from under heaping debt.
  • We work directly with your creditors and your budget.
  • We can usually lower your payments to fit your means.
  • After we try to help, so people still have more to pay then they can afford.  At that point, it’s probably time to go bankrupt and we can help you through that also.
  • A Debt Coach is small on purpose so we can do what larger counseling companies can’t or won’t do.
  • Difference: We help with check-cashing businesses.
  • Difference: We solve credit reports and deal with collections
  • Difference: We help with student loans for free!
  • We do not create debt settlements which can harmful. We follow every rule in the book and we’re audited 3 times by regulators.
  • Remember that your debt is personal and you need a custom solution. That’s why you need the same counselor handling your problems each week who you can contact and trust.

What You Can Expect

  • One time fee to join the program. Monthly fees that are usually $30/month or less to cover expenses and fees.
  • Never has a client come to me and paid more to creditors after I’ve worked with them.
  • Most clients go from $700/month in payments down to $400-500 and from 20% interest rates to single digits.
  • After 3 months of payments, the credit card companies stop hounding you.

When You Should Call A Debt Coach

  • When you have more money going out than coming in
  • When you don’t know why your budget isn’t working
  • When you are carrying more than 30% of your debt weight in credit cards

A Debt Coach offers credit counseling services to people who are experiencing credit and debt problems! We create customized plans with your budget in mind and deal directly with your creditors. No gimmicks, no funny business! Both the Government and your creditors are happy that we are here to help you solve your financial problems. Other than a small one time fee to get started and some fees that cover transaction expenses, we don’t ask for anything else in compensation from you. We are mainly paid by your creditors to provide this service.  

Contact us (888-767-9155) today to get started!

About A Debt Coach

logoA Debt Coach is a Non-Profit Credit Counseling Agency that helps consumers find options available for the financial problems they face. We offer credit counseling services to clients across the country who are experiencing credit and debt problems. A Debt Coach offers one of the most beneficial debt consolidation programs in the nation and we have provided counseling and advice to more than 200,000 consumers since 1992.
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