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For most couples, marriage often proves to be a challenging task in and of itself, one that calls for overcoming all sorts of hurdles that either strengthen or destroy the relationship.

From temptations of infidelity to a clashing of personalities, it’s no secret that getting married can be nothing short of difficult at times— but no obstacle can either make or break a union better than money matters.

For most couples, the inability to handle money and properly manage it can lead to an overwhelming amount of debt that could easily put even the strongest relationship to the test. As one of the leading causes of marital drama all across America, debt is a problem that demands to be solved right away in order to prevent a falling out.

It may seem quite trivial at first, but strong marriages are often dependent on a stable financial foundation simply because money dictates the path that the future holds. From romantic vacations all over the world and home down payments to money for a future child’s own college education and inheritance, money can easily dictate how smooth an entire marriage can be— but debt can definitely yield the opposite.

When couples continue to have spats over money, the threat of divorce can easily come into the equation, putting relationships in turmoil. Fortunately, going through a financial rough patch doesn’t have to put your marriage in danger, as there’s one solution that can help save your marriage: a debt counselor’s services.

The importance of hiring a debt counselor’s services in saving your marriage

Sure, no couple would ever wish to experience the momentous challenges of financial hardship in a marriage, but letting debt take over your relationship can brew all sorts of issues that can inevitably lead to divorce. Through the help of a skilled debt counselor—such as Kentucky’s own experts over at A Debt Coach—you can iron out your financial issues to get your marriage back on its feet.

If you’ve been having a rough time with your spouse over all sorts of financial challenges and debts, here are a few ways a debt counselor can turn everything around and save your marriage:

The debt management strategies they describe can help strengthen your relationship

Dealing with near-crippling debt can undoubtedly prove to be a pretty difficult time for both you and your spouse— but taking on the necessary remedial steps together will be able to strengthen both your finances and overall relationship. By taking on various shared tasks or debt management strategies prescribed by a debt counselor, you can bond with your significant other and form a greater sense of trust and love as you overcome each challenge together.

Working with a debt counselor can help you plan and prepare for the future

Another key benefit that comes with seeking the services of a debt counselor is that you’ll have the necessary guidance to help effectively plan your financial strategy for the future. By taking the time to consult with a dependable debt counselor, you can easily put together both short and long term plans that will gradually cut debt out of the picture and set up a stronger bank account in the future.

Debt counselors can help iron out and treat existing financial-related problems

Because of the private nature of marriages, most couples end up not being able to fix their marriages because the lack of an intermediary party results in a “he-said-she-said” situation that sees no end. Fortunately, bringing a debt counselor into the picture brings a third party into the picture that can objectively analyze the situation and prescribe effective solutions and practices for both sides.


In a time where it can seem like your marriage is at the mercy of financial struggles, it can be quite easy to fall victim to the crippling pressure of debt. Thankfully, bringing in the services of a debt counselor can help get everything back on track.

Are you in need of a competent debt counselor who can guide you towards conquering your financial burdens? We are a non-profit credit counseling agency in Cincinnati, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.