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Is your Student loan debt overwhelming your financial situation? Are you having a hard time playing the minimums? Are your loans in deferment? Or do you just want to consolidate these loans to make them easier to pay?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then make sure to contact A Debt Coach so we can show you how you can consolidate your student loans yourself or pay us a small fee to do it for you! We see several options in the market to help people consolidate their loans but we also see some companies who are taking advantage of people in this situation. 

A Recent Scenario We Had at A DEBT COACH

A parent wanted to consolidate several Parent Plus student loans.  At the point she came to A Debt Coach, she was in her 8th month of paying $150 a month to consolidate those loans for her. Seeing this was not a good situation for her, A Debt Coach consolidated her loans for a small one time charge of $95. We offered to show her how to do it herself but for that low a fee she was happy for us to do it for her. We then advised her to call the 3rd party company, that took advantage of her, to ask for a refund.

A Debt Coach offers credit counseling services to people who are experiencing credit and debt problems! We create customized plans with your budget in mind and deal directly with your creditors. No gimmicks, no funny business! Both the Government and your creditors are happy that we are here to help you solve your financial problems. 

Contact us (888-767-9155) today to get started!

About A Debt Coach

logoA Debt Coach is a Non-Profit Credit Counseling Agency that helps consumers find options available for the financial problems they face. We offer credit counseling services to clients across the country who are experiencing credit and debt problems. A Debt Coach offers one of the most beneficial debt consolidation programs in the nation and we have provided counseling and advice to more than 200,000 consumers since 1992.
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Did you know that A Debt Coach provides free financial education and advice? We provide advice so that people can get their lives back in order! The free education starts by downloading our free “Own Your Life” ebook.

Everyone who downloads the book will be approached to start the “Budget Bootcamp” with Randy after you read the book! Randy will help you create the best budget for your situation and put you on a glide path towards being totally debt-free!